Stress field of boiler under pressure
A cylindricar boiler, with exaust vents uder pressurer...
Necking of cylindrical bar - Plastic deformation
A cylindrical bar, whit dimensions used in stanadard uniaxial test, is subjected to uniaxial tension. Necking of the bar, whit 3D stress/strain state and large strains, developes during extensions. To demostrate accuracy of large strain formulation, whit stress integration for von Mises plasticity model, implemented in program PAKS.
Bending of U profiled bar - Stress field
A cantilever channel-section beam is loaded by a tip force at the free end. Due to slanderness of the structure, the force causes local buckling. To show that loacal buckling of slander structure can be determined by use of shell and beam superelements of PAKS.
Large displacement of circular arch under point load
A circular arch with unsymmetric support is subjected to vertical load. Force is increased to cause very large displacement of structure. Material is isotropic elastic. Objective is to demostrate performance of 3D solid element and beam superelement in solving large displacement problems , acording to updated Lagrangian formulation and aplication of are-lenght control iterative procedure of PAKS.


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